Rock'n August

Rock'n August

Rock'n August

Rock'n August, one of the largest celebrations of classic cars and music in Western Canada.


WHAT TO EXPECT: Our version of a Poker Run involves preregistered individuals or teams travelling to specified locations (in any order they choose) to build a poker hand. You do not need to be a Poker expert to play. The ranking of Poker hands are listed below. Prizes are awarded for the best hand, runner up, and worst hand. At each location, a member of the team will identify that they are a Poker Run participant. The location representative will verify your name, and provide you with an envelope containing a single card. You will then move on to the next location and repeat this process.

After picking up envelopes at all the stops, you will drop the cards you have collected into a single envelope, seal it and write your name on the front. You will then proceed the drop off location and put your entry into the drop box. Your entry will be comprised from 5 of the 7 cards to create your hand. Deadline for turning in your entry is 6:30 pm, Friday, August 7th, 2020. Winners will be announced Saturday August 8th, and posted on the Rock ‘N August website at

REMEMBER: YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE IN ADVANCE TO PARTICIPATE. The cost to register for the Poker Run is $10 per car.

TO REGISTERRegister Here!


THE START:  You can start any time on Friday, Aug 6th but please note the hours of operation for each of the participating locations.  Also note, your final hand must be submitted by 6:30pm, follow the directions below.

Locations and times are subject to change. Please confirm Location List on website prior to start.
Times listed are recommended but envelopes will be available during business hours or until 6pm (whichever comes first).

MEMORIES FUNERAL HOME: 13403-St Albert Trail, Edmonton (9:00AM- 6:00PM)
DESJARDINS INSURANCE: 3523 Tudor Glen Market, St Albert (9:00AM- 5:00PM)
A&W RESTAURANT: 2 Hebert Road, St Albert (11:00AM- 6:00PM)
CROWN AND TOWER PUB: 11 Bellerose Drive, St Albert (11:00AM- 8:00PM)
RICKY’S ALL DAY GRILL: 100 140 St. Albert Trail, St. Albert (8:00AM- 7:00PM)
MACHO PIZZA: 76 Grosenor Blvd, St Albert (11:00AM- 8:00PM)
DESJARDINS INSURANCE: 15 Circle Drive #125 St Albert (9:00AM- 5:00PM)

Please note that ALL Completed Entries MUST be returned by 6:30PM (Drop Off Location:  The Denton Agencies | The Co-operators, 450 – 140 ST Albert Trail)

Poker Hand Rankings
Royal Flush: Run of sequential cards from Ten to Ace, with all cards of the same suit.
Straight Flush: Run of sequential cards, all cards of the same suit, but not Ace high.
Four of a Kind: Four cards of the same rank e.g. four Aces, four Kings, etc…
Full House: Three cards of the same rank plus a pair, e.g. three Aces and a pair of Kings.
Flush: Five cards with all of the same suit.
Straight (Run): Five sequential cards, not of the same suit.
Three of a Kind: Three cards of the same rank e.g. three Aces. Three Kings, etc…
Two Pair: Two sets of pairs e.g. a pair of Aces and a pair of Kings.
Pair: Two cards of the same rank e.g. two Aces, two Kings, etc…
High Card: If you have none of the above, then the highest value card in your hand plays.

Notes: Aces count high for all hands, e.g. a pair of Aces beats a pair of Kings. In a straight, an Ace can count low (e.g. A, 2, 3, 4, 5) OR high (e.g. T, J, Q, K, A) but NOT BOTH (e.g. Q, K, A, 2, 3) is NOT a straight. Prizes are awarded on the poker hand rankings outlined above, not on speed. We want all participants to have fun and remain safe, so please take your time on the run.