Rock'n August

Rock'n August

Rock'n August

Rock'n August, one of the largest celebrations of classic cars and music in Western Canada.

Nicholas Golden RE/MAX Professionals presents the LANDMARK RALLY (New in 2021)


Car Rallies have been part of car cultural almost since the advent of the automobile.  The first formal rally recorded was the Monte Carlo Rally of January 1911.  With a tip of the hat to famous car rallies of the past, Rock’n August presents the 25th Anniversary Landmark Car Rally.  For those not familiar with Rally, it is a form of motorsport that is different than most events because it is not run on a course, but rather on a circuit.  The circuit is in point to point format in which contestants drive between set control points.  Some rallies are won by speed, and others are won by driving to a predetermined journey time.  (NO Speeding Required!)

Entry:  Participants will preregister through Eventbrite to participate in the Landmark Rally. The cost to Enter is $15.00.  Entries will be open until 10:00pm Tuesday, August 3, 2021.

Rock’n August 25th Anniversary Landmark Car Rally Locations:

  • START: Lois Hole Park
  • CHECKPOINT 1: Nakî Transit Centre & Park and Ride [15520 Campbell Road]
  • CHECKPOINT 2: The “Welcome To St. Albert” sign beside the Visitor Centre [71 St. Albert Trail]
  • CHECKPOINT 3: Servus Credit Union Place [400 Campbell Road]
  • CHECKPOINT 4: St. Albert Botanic Park [265 Sturgeon Road]
  • CHECKPOINT 5: St. Albert Grain Elevator Park [4 Meadowview Drive]
  • CHECKPOINT 6: Little White School [Booth will be at intersection of Madison Ave and Madonna Drive]
  • CHECKPOINT 7: Legion Airplane (Royal Canadian Legion St. Albert Branch #271) [6 Tache St]
  • END: Downtown Clock Tower [Perron Street]


The 25th Anniversary Landmark Car Rally will take less than two hours.  The event will be won by the car that travels to all landmarks, in order, and the winner is the team who finishes in a time closest to the benchmark time AND has collected all the stamps.  There is also a prize for first runner up and second runner up.  The benchmark time, and the routes to each landmark will not be known to participants.  Navigators are encouraged, but not necessary.  Participants will have their start and end times written on their card.  They will be required to present their card at each landmark to receive a stamp.

At the last landmark (Downtown Clock Tower), cards will have the final time recorded and then are submitted.

PRIZES:  1st Prize: $500 / 2nd Brize: $250 / 3rd Prize: $100

TO REGISTER:  Register Here!